Apache Junction

Apache Junction is a rural town situated 35 miles east of downtown Phoenix. Around 40,000 people live in Apache Junction and the town is flanked by the eye-popping Superstition Mountains. Apache Junction has a rich Western history that includes gold mining as well as ancient Native American dwellings and artifacts.

Apache Junction was officially incorporated as a city in 1978, and the area is now a popular destination for tourism. The town is home to the famous Goldfield Ghost Town and the area was once a go-to location for Hollywood filmmakers. Gold was initially discovered in the area by two Mexican prospectors in 1879.

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Living in Apache Junction

Apache Junction is an amazing place to settle down for several reasons. The cozy suburban town offers many affordable housing options and over 76% of the population are homeowners. Now is a good time to buy in the area because home appreciation is currently over 10%. This means that your home will be worth a lot more money in the very near future. Here the winters are always pleasant and the area is experiencing positive job growth. It’s also 3.4% cheaper to live in Apache Junction than the rest of the country, and since 2010, the population has grown by about 13%. Apache Junction overall is a quiet and relaxing place to live with many family-owned businesses. You won’t find a more tight-knit and friendlier community in Arizona!

Geo-Coordinates of Apache Junction:

Lat: 33.415051
Long: -111.549576

Things to do in Apache Junction

If you are on vacation in central Arizona with your family, then you should consider visiting Apache Junction. The city offers many tourist attractions and outdoor activities that you won’t find anywhere else. This includes the popular 320-acre Lost Dutchman State Park which has plenty of hiking trails, campsites, and other outdoor amenities. A great way for you to spend the day with your family is by visiting the Goldfield Ghost Town. Here you will tour through the historic Apache trails in central Arizona’s deserts and canyons. The Goldfield Ghost Town also features several Western-style shops and boutiques, as well as a few delicious eateries and a shooting range. Another fun place to visit is the Superstition Mountain Museum which provides you a glimpse into the unique history of the region. At the museum, you will find several old movie sets, horse-drawn buggies, and dioramas recreating some of the scenes and sights from the Old West. The Siphon Draw Trail, which runs through one of the largest areas in Superstition Mountain, is also worth checking out. The trail is one of the most picturesque places on earth, so make sure you bring your camera!

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