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We are your source for a broken windshield in Scottsdale, AZ. We offer mobile services to ensure your repair or replacement is handled efficiently and with ease. Our mission is to make our services the least disruptive to your day as possible. This means we can come to your business, home, or other significant location to get your mobile auto glass repair done. We can often do same-day appointments, depending on what we need to do to get you back on the road. We have been leading in the auto glass industry for years and offer extensive knowledge in expert installation. We have superior customer care and do everything we can to expedite your service with us. Below you'll learn more about what we do, but if you have any questions, please call today.



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    Our customers come to us for auto glass solutions. We deliver those solutions by listening to our customers and working quickly to accommodate their needs. Our mobile services include repairs, replacements, recalibrations, cracks, chips, sealing, and more. We believe if you can get these services via our mobile teams, you'll be more apt to schedule your repair.
    Many put off repairs simply because they take time, as our cars, trucks, and SUVs are our means to get everywhere. The disruption of auto glass repairs often results in putting off the task, which can be dangerous. Not only does broken glass diminish your visibility, but it also compromises the structural integrity of your vehicle. Windshield glass is part of a larger system that is designed to protect you. If you were to get in an accident with an already broken or shattered windshield, you might sustain more injuries. And since this broken window can limit your visibility, you might place others at risk. This includes other drivers, passengers, or pedestrians.
    We advise our customers to quickly handle things like chips and small cracks to minimize additional damage and costs. Repairs are more affordable than replacements. Do keep in mind, our staff will be happy to work with your insurer to see if you are covered for these types of repairs and replacements.
    Finally, if you are experiencing other issues such as leaking, we can help as well. Poorly installed windshields, or those that have aged, can leak. We can look it over to see if it's a candidate for repair or replacement.

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    Your safety is important to our team, which is why we make it a priority. While we work quickly, we always do so with safety in mind first.
    We also encourage you to get your repairs done as soon as possible after the damage. This will mitigate any additional damage and may save you money. Cracks and shatters are dangerous in these three ways.

    1. They impact your ability to see clearly. Even small cracks can keep you from seeing a hazard on the road.
    2. They make your car more vulnerable. Further damage and injuries come as a result of broken or shattered glass.
    3. You could have legal complications. Police officers will site you for having a broken windshield. It's your responsibility as a driver to make sure you don't place yourself or others at risk.
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    Smart Features

    For newer model vehicles, they come equipped with some impressive smart features. We have come to rely on things like blind-spot detection, lane assist, and front end collision alerts. Did you know that your smart features may not work if you have a damaged windshield? The cameras need unobstructed views of what is happening outside. If there is a crack in front of the camera, you may not be alerted when a car stops quickly.
    These features, while we should never rely on them, do save lives, and prevent accidents. Also, many manufacturers will void their warranties if they learn you have not had this repair done.

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    Have you ever had a windshield recalibration? If not, we will be happy to explain what this means. There are two versions of a recalibration. Some manufacturers only require you to have one or the other. Some companies require you have both. The first is a static or stationary test. We place a target in front of your vehicle and perform tests. The other is a moving, or dynamic, recalibration where we take the car out. We will find well-marked roads and run through a series of tests according to your vehicle's make and model requirements. We can do both tests via our mobile unit. Most car manufacturers require you have a recalibration after a repair or replacement. Even your car insurer may insist you do this in order to process your claim.

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    Our Business

    We love the people we share our community with, and we especially love helping them with their auto glass needs. Our customer-centric model keeps customers coming back, and we aim to perform every time you need us. Our crews are trained to work efficiently, troubleshoot, and safely install your auto glass. Our staff will be the first people you speak with. They are helpful and will ask a series of questions to learn more about your repair or replacement. They will also happily work with your insurer to get your repair covered. We want our customers to be confident in choosing us. This is why we take all the steps we can to ensure this confidence. We are a licensed and insured business for your protection. We also offer warranties on our work. This means that if you have any issue with a repair result for subpar work, we will cover it.

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    Our Partners

    What our customers don't see, but is a crucial piece of our business, are our partners. Over the past two decades, we have learned who to partner with for the best materials and supplies. This might not seem like a big deal to you, but it means we can get you the highest quality auto glass and parts in Scottsdale. Our manufacturers have great resources and access to all makes and models of auto glass. They also do this at an affordable price. We pass those savings on to you, which is helpful for those who are paying out of pocket. Our suppliers help us with tools, sealants, and other parts for our repairs. Both partners adhere to the auto industry standards, which is something we feel is most important. If you have any questions about what we do, we welcome your questions. Call us today.

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