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Your windshield is the barrier between you and the various hazards on the roadway. Therefore, it's important that it's free of damage and is functioning properly. Did you know that your windshield is tied to the structural integrity of your car? A functioning windshield is also crucial to support your airbags and smart car features. At Super Duty of Scottsdale, AZ, we support our fellow neighbors by offering them the best in windshield replacement services. We use superior products and materials and employ the best auto glass professionals in the industry.

We can help with other services as well, such as cabin glass, rear windows, moonroof, sunroof, quarter panel, recalibration, and window tinting. If you are unsure about what you need, we welcome your questions. We can even work with your insurance company to ensure you're not paying for something that your auto insurance covers.

Scottsdale, AZ Windshield Replacement

Why Have Your Windshield Replaced

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Structural Safety


Your windshield accounts for about 60% of the structural support of your car. That is significant if you account for an accident or rollover incident. Each design feature of your vehicle is supposed to work in harmony to protect you and your passengers. Once one of those features is disrupted by damage like a broken windshield, you risk serious injury. Once your windshield is cracked or shattered, your airbag system is also compromised. The sensors that alert the vehicle to danger and to deploy the airbag system might fail, again leaving you and your family in jeopardy.

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You have to be able to see out of your windshield to drive safely. That is a given. But if you have a newer vehicle, the risk increases. The smart system or drive assist program in your car might fail you with a damaged windshield. These functions include things like lane assist, front-end collision alerts, and blind-spot detection. It might even prevent you from detecting things like pedestrians or other cars you're parked next to. These windshields also have to be recalibrated after a new one is installed. This recalibration test insures the placement of your cameras is in alignment with the sensors for your onboard system.

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No one wants to drive around town with a busted windshield. For one, it's just not safe and compromises you and other drivers while you're behind the wheel. Secondly, it just plain looks bad. If you are waiting or holding off because you think it's too expensive, come talk to us. We work with your auto insurance to see if it is covered. Even if it's only partially covered, you'll be in better shape, but you won't know until you ask. We also work with top-notch manufacturers that offer us the best prices so we can pass those affordable prices on to you.


After Replacement Tips


What happens after your windshield is replaced?

Factors you might not yet have considered.

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Refrain From Driving


It will be tempting to drive after your windshield is replaced, but you should avoid doing this at all costs. The adhesives used in windshield replacement require a period of curing. The length of time needed to cure is in relation to the type of adhesive used. We use one that is approved by the auto industry and takes about an hour to cure. We tell you this information so you can plan your day a little better and ensure you don't have to be somewhere immediately after your appointment with us.

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Air Pressure


The pressure in your vehicle is unique to your car and more powerful than you might think. We suggest leaving a crack in your windows, so you don't have any problems with the pressure dislodging the materials. Air pressure can shape the adhesive and suck it in, leaking into your car. Instead, just crack a few windows for the first 24 hours, so you're not left with a new problem. Of course, we will remind you of this at your appointment with us.

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The Car Wash


Once your brand new windshield is placed, we also suggest avoiding the car wash for a bit. Again, we want the adhesives to take, and unfortunately, the pressure and water pressure of car washes are incredibly powerful. The heat used in the dry cycle is also troublesome. This is great when you're trying to get your car clean but not helpful when you have a new windshield. You can spot clean or hand wash your windshield but wait at least 24 hours before you consider the car wash.

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Working With Our Team

Scottsdale, AZ Windshield Replacement Company


Why Choose Super Duty?

We know there are plenty of companies to choose from, but we know we are the best in Scottsdale. Not only are our prices affordable for all sorts of auto glass, but our customer service is top-notch. We are a customer-centric business that offers mobile options for your convenience. We come licensed and insured, so you have another layer of confidence in our legitimacy and reputation.
We are also proud of our crews. We hire exceptional professionals who have worked in this industry for years. All of them have also been trained to our high standards. Our crews are professional and welcome your questions if those pop up during your services.

Finally, we have an exceptional staff and management team. From the person who answers the phone to the person who runs the company, we all work together. The team is knowledgeable and walks our customers through the entire process. This includes working with your auto insurance if necessary. Connect with us today, and let's get you back on the road.

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