How do you replace a back glass window?

Back glass replacements are fairly straightforward. What we do is inspect the damage of the windshield before carefully removing the glass. Next, we prepare the body of your car before installing your new windshield. This step is very crucial because if the windshield is not properly installed, you could end paying even more money for repair/replacement services. We also thoroughly clean the inside of your car because, with most broken windows, there is glass strewn all over the interior of your vehicle. We also clean the newly installed glass.

Does your company offer a warranty?

We offer a lifetime warranty. If any issues arise as a result of our replacement services, then it will be of no cost to you to return your vehicle and have us perform further repairs.

How long does it take you to repair or replace a windshield?

Repairs are simple and do not require a lot of arduous labor to perform. Repairs on average take around 30 minutes to complete. With replacements, the entire process takes about an hour to complete but this doesn’t mean that you can immediately drive your car. With all of our replacement services, we utilize an industrial adhesive which requires you to wait at least three hours for the material to properly cure. Driving your car immediately after the replacement is complete can cause your windshield to loosen, and this will require you to fork over more money on repair and replacement services.

Do you guys replace sunroof glass?

We absolutely can. Any damages that occur to sunroofs are usually the result of some strange accident, such as errant baseballs colliding with your car. Damage that occurs to your sunroof usually spells trouble for certain mechanical components in your car and a damaged sunroof is also liable to cause leaks. We can assure you though that we possess the tools and expertise to replace your sunroof without issue.

What is a windshield recalibration?

Windshield recalibrations are where realign and make adjustments to your windshield to restore functionality to your Advanced Driver-Assistance System (ADAS). The technology utilizes cameras, lakers, sensors, and computer imaging to optimize safety and establish a secure driving experience. Drivers at some point may experience some sort of disruption with their ADAS system because the windshield is not properly aligned or it needs to be replaced. If you do need to replace your windshield, then you will also need to recalibrate your ADAS system.

Does your company tint windows?

We do indeed provide a tinting service. Many of our customers are unsure if their windshield needs to be repaired or replaced for us to tint them, so we want you to know that we do offer a separate, specialized tinting service. We have several different shades of tinting to choose from and we encourage you to speak with one of our technicians to learn more about our tinting services.

What do look for when repairing my windshield?

We look for dents, cracks, and other indicators for structural damage. To avoid having to completely replace your windshield, it is important that you repair any damage early on. This is because cracks and chips in your windshield will quickly get worse; all it takes a scorching hot day or bumpy roadways for that crack to spread to other areas of your windshield.

Will my insurance cover any repairs or replacements?

This ultimately depends on the kind of car insurance you have. Premium car insurance will cover you 100% for our windshield repair and replacement services, but standard or sub-standard car insurance will charge you a fee for filing a claim.

How much does it cost to repair or replace my windshield?

Windshield repairs are very affordable because we won’t need to replace your entire windshield; repairs require less labor and resources to perform. Replacements and recalibrations on the other can be costly depending on the condition of your vehicle. We want to assure you though that our trained technicians do everything they can do provide you with a financially feasible estimate.

Do you offer free estimates?

We do indeed offer free estimates. We recommend that you bring us your vehicle for a consultation so that we can provide you with an accurate quote on any repairs or replacements. Don’t waste any time a schedule an in-person appointment with us today!

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