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We all spend a lot of time, money, and energy taking care of our vehicles. We need all the help we can get when hiring the right people to do the best work. At Super Duty of Scottsdale, we work on all kinds of auto glass projects for our customers. Of course, we would be happy to help you as well. We handle various auto glass projects like windshields and rear back glass.

One type of job we are tasked with solving is cabin glass. These usually involve your car door or quarter panel windows. The glass in your auto windows is typically unique to your car make and model. They are sized, shaped, and installed according to specific standards as recommended by the auto industry. We go through painstaking steps to ensure we find the best manufactures and sources, so you are confident in the product you get. We also get superior pricing on our products so we can pass those savings on to you. Learn more below about getting your door glass replaced with us.

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Three Factors About Your Door Windows

Your passenger safety relies on top-quality auto glass

Work with Super Duty to fix your auto glass

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Type Of Glass


Side windows are usually made of tempered glass versus laminated. This is considered "safety glass" and has been used for decades to ensure the glass is appropriate for automobiles. This glass is up to 4 times stronger than the glass you may find in your home. Tempered glass is made through chemical treatments and is heated and cooled to give it its strength. This helps the glass breakdown into smaller pieces if broken or damaged. If you're ever in an auto accident, tempered glass is designed to burst outward rather than inside the vehicle. We replaced our customers' windows with the highest quality glass for the price.

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Beyond The Glass


There are other aspects to your door windows than the glass themselves. This includes things like the weather stripping and seals. We pay close attention to these features as well, considering their function is crucial to well-working auto glass. We partner with manufacturers who uphold the same auto standards as those who manufacture auto glass. Another detail we also repair is the motor mechanisms that allow your power window buttons to perform their duties. We wouldn't want to repair your auto glass and not pay attention to your power windows. There are various components to these mechanisms, and we are trained to detect and solve any issues with them.

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Fixing Auto Glass


We suggest having your auto door glass fixed as soon as possible for safety reasons. It's tempting to put it off until you have time or the money, but waiting can place you or your passengers at risk. Your door windows are susceptible to pressure changes within your vehicle and can burst with the closing of a door. If you're worried about how long your appointment will take, please know that once we know all of your vehicle details, we can get your glass repaired quickly. If you're more concerned about the cost, we make every effort to get you the best price possible on auto glass. This includes working through your insurance company to see what they will cover.

Scottsdale, Arizona

Door Glass Replacement Process


We have a straight forward process at Super Duty

We can install new auto glass in just three steps. Learn more by reading how our system works and how to get started.

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Get a Quote


Our process starts with giving us a call and telling us more about how we can help you. This process is the same as just about all of our auto glass projects. On this call, we will learn about what happened to cause the damage to your auto glass. This can be helpful information for us, so we know what kind of service and support you'll need. We will then get your vehicles' make, model, and year. Cars, trucks, and SUVs change year after year, which means we will need to locate the right glass for your particular vehicle. We will then learn more about where you want your repair to take place, for example, at work or at home. At that point, we will be able to give you a quote and discuss your insurance options for coverage.

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Book an Appointment


After you get your quote and decide to move forward, we will then look at your schedule. Our company does our very best to meet you where you are. This means that if you'd like us to do your repair while you're at work, we can do that. If you're working from home or you stay home with the kiddos, then we are happy to come to your home as well. We will schedule your repair after we are certain we have all the materials needed to get your vehicle glass taken care of. We can book many appointments on the same day if we have your glass in stock. Others can happen within a couple of days if they require a special order.

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Get Your Repair


On the day of your repair, we will arrive on time and with all the materials needed to replace your auto glass. Depending on what you're having done, your repair shouldn't take more than an hour or two. Door glass may take a little time if there is significant damage to the other mechanisms like the motor for your power windows. Please note, we offer tinting services if you're want to update your passenger or driver's side windows. Window tinting adds a whole new layer of privacy and security to your car. Once the work is done, we will go through any of the care instructions needed if they apply to your service with us. This may include avoiding the car wash or driving around excessively for a short time.

Get your Door Window Glass Repaired Today

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Super Duty is your partner for superior auto glass services in Scottsdale. We work on all makes and models, from cars, trucks, and SUVs. We partner with top-notch manufacturers that give us access to high quilty glass and other partners who provide us other products for our work.

Our company leadership is rooted in customer care and hiring the best people in the industry. In fact, it's this combination that allows us to be so successful in our work. We train each crew member to troubleshoot and perform to exceed customer expectations.

We are licensed and insured, so our customers know how important their safety is to us and that they are always covered. We also offer warranties for our work. Please ask us about those when you call us about your particular job.

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