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Are you seeking a highly skilled and qualified auto glass shop in Scottsdale, AZ? We are your resource for both factors and help our customers with various auto glass projects. Below we will be focusing on side windows, but we also can work on windshields, rear windows, and roof windows. We support our customers with insurance claims to ensure they get the most of their coverage, and we have mobile appointments available for many of our services. Below you'll be learning more about our side window repairs and replacement. If you have any questions along the way, we invite you to give us a call. Let's get started on getting your windows back on track so you can get back on the road safely.



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    Importance of Repairs - Auto Glass

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    Your auto glass is an important piece of your car's overall functioning. Obviously, to be safe on the roadways, you want to be able to see clearly out of all the windows. But there are other reasons for needing your side windows replaced.
    A broken window is a security risk. When a vandal sees a window like this, it's an easy target for burglary. The glass is easier to break and less noisy when it does. Structurally, your window is compromised. It will be vulnerable to other events like air pressure or a fender bender. Not only will you likely end up with additional cracks or shatters, but the window could also bust out, covering a passenger or you with glass.
    Your side auto glass, be that driver, passenger, quarter panel, or vent windows, should all be fixed as soon as possible. Sometimes these damages can be repaired, but more often, we are looking at a full replacement. This is a safer bet and won't have you returning to us if you hit a speed bump wrong or get into a minor accident.
    We welcome your questions and concerns about how to handle your particular side window problems. We can often handle these appointments quickly and have access to materials immediately. Depending on what kind of repair we are working on, we might even be able to do your fix at your location. This will save you time off at work or packing up your kids to drive all over town for a replacement.

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    Driver + Passenger Windows

    Your side windows include your driver and passenger windows. These are your main windows for your right and left vision while driving. When you are dodging cracks or shatters, you're not only engaging in risky driving, but you place others at risk if you can't see them. This includes other vehicles and pedestrians. Call us today to repair or replace your driver and passenger windows, so you feel safer on our roadways. Our expert installers will use the highest quality glass and material for your vehicle and check things like power window mechanisms. These can be damaged if you were in an accident, and we will make sure they are back to functioning order. We have access to high quality, industry-grade auto glass, at competitive prices.

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    Quarter Panel Glass

    SUV and van owners tend to deal with quarter panel glass issues. While trickier to deal with (since the glass is tinted), we successfully locate and replace this auto glass regularly. Repairs are less likely, given how unique these windows are. We end up replacing them as the damage is usually significant enough for a replacement. While repairing these windows is more complicated, we do it all the time and with the best prices around. We know how important it is to have this glass fixed so your vehicle isn't left vulnerable to additional damage. In fact, leaving your glass broken could lead to passenger injuries that no one wants. Since these windows usually have structural features and are tinted, they are already a little tougher to repair. Let's not make it even harder by driving around with cracks and shatters.

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    Vent Windows

    Are you wondering if you have vent windows? If you're unsure, chances are you don't. For those who have them, it's typically clear. These are the small windows that sit next to the main windows. They are typically found on later model cars, and trucks. Sometimes these windows are long rectangles, sometimes they are rounded triangles, and other times they are tiny in size. If you have a classic car, you likely have vent glass somewhere on the vehicle. This auto glass is more susceptible to breakage.

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    Our Company

    We are confident about our business because we have been doing this for more than 20-years. We have learned a few things in all those years and troubleshot a lot of projects. Here are some other notable facts about us. We are a licensed and insured company and adhere to all state laws for this sort of industry business. We also offer labor warranties on all our projects. These factors help our customers feel more confident in hiring us for their auto glass needs. We use a customer-centric approach in taking care of our customers which means, we listen. Then, we get to work quickly, so your life is disrupted as little as possible. If your service with us is covered by insurance, we will find out. Our team will be happy to check into this for you. Finally, our ownership, management, staff, and crews are all highly skilled and trained professionals.

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    Our Partners

    Many shops don't mention much about their suppliers or manufacturers. Many people don't even think to ask about this sort of thing. After all, what does that have to do with you; it should be a given they have the right products, right? We mention it because not all shops are created equal. We have spent the past two decades perfecting our supplier relationships and manufacturing partners. This is because we want our customers to have auto industry safety standards in their auto glass. We also want them to have access to the best prices. Our years working with our material providers ensures that you get both quality and price in one place. We look forward to working with you and welcome your call today.

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