Avondale is a suburb of Phenix located on the southwestern edge of the metra area. With a modest population of 84,000 people, Avondale also happens to be one of the fastest-growing communities in the region. The city expects there to be 100,000 people living there in the coming years.

Avondale was originally an agricultural settlement founded by William "Billy" G. Moore during the 1860s. Moore named the settlement “Coldwater” due to the temperature of the water flowing from a local spring. The town would eventually take on the name of Avondale after the post office relocated near the Avondale Ranch.

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Living in Avondale

Avondale is a quiet yet hardworking community. The city is home to several public school systems where the majority of the students are graduating and excelling academically. Over 38% of residents have some college and the median household income is currently at $59,000 (that number is expected to increase). There are plenty of housing options in the city and the job market is also thriving. Some of the top employers in the area include SunBridge Healthcare, Avondale Automotive, and Costco. The unemployment rate in Avondale is at 5.5%, which is well below the national average, and the cost of living is also much lower here than in the rest of the country.

Geo-Coordinates of Avondale:

Lat: 33.4356
Long: -112.3496

Things to do in Avondale

Are you a racing fan? Then you are in for a real treat. Avondale is home to the Phoenix International Raceway where several NASCAR events take place every year. The raceway can seat up to 51,000 people and it is just one of thirteen raceways included on NASCAR’s schedule. Another way you can spend your day in Avondale is by watching a Hollywood blockbuster at the Harkins Theatre. The popular movie theatre chain is the fifth-largest in the nation with over thirty-four theatres across five states. Avondale is also home to the American Sports Center which is the largest multi-sport facility in the entire state of Arizona. The Center contains over 4,000 square feet of multi-purpose space and it features two indoor soccer fields, four basketball courts, and six volleyball courts. The center is also home to several weekend leagues where you and your friends can participate in the sport of your choice. Are you searching for more ways in which you can have fun with the entire family? Main Event Entertainment is a go-to attraction for many families because it offers a wide range of fun and exciting activities. This includes bowling, regulation billiards, laser tag, video games, arcade games, karaoke, and miniature golf.

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