Scottsdale Windshield Calibration 101: Keep Your Vehicle Safe

What Is Windshield Calibration?

Has your windshield been recently damaged or in need of repairs? Unsure of what a windshield calibration is or why you may need one? Windshield Calibration in Scottsdale is an important part of the repair or replacement process and is typically completed by a licensed professional during these services. A windshield calibration consists of tests that ensure your vehicle’s advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) components are lined up perfectly and will function correctly. Some of the most common system components are lane assist, brake assist, cruise control, and collision warning. These are essential systems that work to keep you and your passengers safe on the road, which is why windshield calibration is so important.

How Can This Keep My Vehicle Safe?

Windshield Calibration Scottsdale works to keep your vehicle safe in many different ways! First and foremost, this service works with your vehicle’s ADAS to ensure each component is functioning properly and precisely aligned for safety. Many drivers are surprised to learn that their vehicles are equipped with different cameras, sensors, lasers, and radars to collect information from surrounding areas to help keep you safe while behind the wheel. When you put your trust in lane assist, cruise control, and automatic braking, you want to be sure that these elements are functioning properly for your safety. The best and most efficient way to be sure of this is to have your windshield calibrated after any form of damage or alignment repairs.

Learn When You May Need This Service

Many Scottsdale drivers are shocked to learn about windshield calibration services, so it’s no surprise many people are unsure of the proper times to have this completed. The most common scenario that causes a windshield calibration is any damage to the glass that causes the material to need repairs or replacement. You will also need to have a calibration on your windshield if you have any work done on your suspension or alignment, along with any repairs to the vehicle’s ADAS system. Components of the ADAS include cameras, sensors, and radars. For any specific questions, reach out to your vehicle’s manufacturer or a trusted glass professional.

Be Sure To Review Your Insurance Coverage

Depending on your insurance company and chosen policy coverages, your windshield calibration service may be partially or fully covered by your auto insurance. More and more insurance companies are adding windshield calibration to be a covered service if you opt for glass repair on your policy. It’s important to reach out to your insurance company to confirm any coverages and find out if they require your car to be serviced at a specific location. Getting windshield calibration in Scottsdale doesn’t have to be stressful or overwhelming when you choose a licensed and insured garage for your services.

Trust A Licensed Glass Professional

Windshield repairs and recalibrations are a job that needs to always be handled by a licensed professional and never by an individual with no training or coverage if errors occur. The consequences of not having your windshield calibrated or having the job done incorrectly can lead to an accident or worse – bodily injury for you, your passengers, or others on the road. You can trust Scottsdale Windshield for all of your glass repairs, replacements, and calibration services. The staff has years of experience and insurance coverage, so you can choose their team with confidence! If you have any questions, they even offer free estimates on their services.

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