Why You Shouldn’t Use a DIY Windshield Repair Kit For Glass Damage

DIY windshield repair kits are often marketed as simple and easy to use which can be very appealing to those with busy schedules searching for convenience. These kits can be very damaging to your vehicle’s glass and can end up causing bigger and more expensive issues in the future. There are countless reasons why you shouldn’t choose a DIY repair kit for glass damage and should trust in the recommendations from licensed professionals. This can not only help to save you money but can also keep you and your passengers safe while on the road.

Insurance Companies Will Not Cover The Costs For DIY Kits

Depending on your insurance company and specific coverage policy, some glass repairs or replacements may be covered, which can help to save you money. There are certain guidelines that need to be followed for coverage to be provided, including the repairs that must be made by a licensed and approved shop. Most policies do not cover the costs for at-home repairs for a variety of reasons and will require the damages and costs to be assessed by a professional company. To avoid having to spend unnecessary funds on repeat repairs, reach to your insurance company for further guidance on the next appropriate steps.

The Glass May Still Have Structural Issues

One of the main issues with choosing at-home repair kits for your damaged windshield is the risk of structural issues within the glass. It is not possible to tell whether the glass has damage to the structural integrity without proper assessment by a professional, which is why it is crucial you schedule repairs as soon as possible. When you use a DIY kit, you may just be visually repairing cracks and chips without fixing the source of the problem. This can cause cracks to return and cause issues with visibility, even while behind the wheel! To be sure that you and your passengers remain safe in your vehicle, reach out to a professional for guidance once you notice cracks in the glass.

Some Kits Require Certain Weather Conditions

Another major concern with choosing DIY repair kits is the issue with weather and weather reliability. When you have your windshield repaired by a professional, they have the tools and temperature-controlled locations to ensure the curing process is efficient and completes properly. Many glass repair companies offer mobile services that use the highest quality materials to ensure that the glass will cure properly under the current conditions. If you use a DIY kit at home, you are taking the risk of surprise weather changes and other environmental factors that may be out of your control. Don’t take the risk of mistakes happening and causing additional expenses, trust a professional with any glass repairs.

Chemicals in DIY Kits Can Be Harsh

While DIY kits market as simple and easy to use, this is usually because the materials provided are of low quality and can often be considered toxic to our bodies and the environment. It’s also common for instructions in these kits to be vague, which can lead to even more issues during application. With abrasive chemicals and difficult to follow instructions, it’s common for injuries, damaging spills, and improper applications to occur. These chemicals can also be toxic to the environment and should be disposed of in a safe and appropriate manner. To avoid these hassles, you can reach out to a professional for repairs.

You Could Be Wasting Your Money

With all of these key points, it’s clear why choosing a DIY windshield repair kit could lead to additional expenses, which can be difficult when working on a budget. It can be frustrating to pay for an at-home repair kit only to have to reach out to a professional and pay for repairs again when cracks on the glass reappear. It’s important to note that repair services by a professional company are usually affordable and can be in the same range as many of the kits available online. 

Don’t take the risk of injuries or roof collapse during an accident by choosing a cheap DIY repair kit. Choosing a professional company that is fully licensed, insured, and has good reviews is a great way to ensure your windshield is safe and structurally intact.

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