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Your windshield is the window to the world and a crucial part of the safe driving experience. Chances are, you won’t want to take too many chances with having just anyone doing your auto glass repairs. After a google search of the best “windshield replacement services near me in Scottsdale,” you’ll be inundated with suggestions. 

You want a company with a great track record, excellent testimonials, and performs fast and affordable services. We get it. We want that too, which is why we built a company that prioritizes our customers and their concerns. In this article, we are going to give you suggestions about questions to ask your auto glass shop. We will also expand on the reasons behind why you’re asking these questions so you can seek clarity from these businesses. 

Q: How long have you been in business doing auto glass? 

While years of experience are a good start (we have decades in the industry) you’re looking for more information than just that. Years don’t always translate into good performance, so if all you get is a random number back, follow that up with more information seeking. Have you always been in this community? Are you registered with the state? Are you licensed and insured? Most customers don’t ask these questions and just assume businesses are legitimate if they put up a sign or have a Facebook page. 

Q: Can you tell me about your windshield replacement (or auto glass repair) process? 

It’s tempting to hand over your car and just hope everything will go as planned but ask about how the company handles their repair process. Where are the services performed, and how long can you expect it to take? They might have mobile services that they don’t advertise. Will the company be contacting your vehicle insurance provider, or is that up to you to handle? Not all companies will do the heavy lifting and lean on you to call and work with your insurance company to get your repairs or replacements covered. How will they collect payment for your auto glass project? Get a quote for the work, and make sure you go through it. Look for any strange fees or fine print. 

Q: Who will be handling my windshield or auto glass repair?

The quick answer is likely to be something like “one of our installers.” Your job as the consumer is to ask a little more about that person and their expertise. Are they trained, insured, or certified to do auto glass repairs?  Unfortunately, it’s easy to hire a mechanic from anywhere and put them in the field and say they are “a professional.” Don’t be afraid to ask what their auto glass experience is. Chances are, most companies have trained tradespeople, but there are far too many ‘fly by night’ operations that lead people to think they are pros when they aren’t. This can lead to faulty installs and dangerous roadway scenarios. 

Q: Does your auto glass meet auto industry safety requirements or federal guidelines? 

We have heard of companies going to junkyards to find auto glass and reuse that glass, positioning it as “new.” No one wants to think people would be so unethical, but it happens all the time and is dishonest and unsafe. Ask about the manufacturers the business works with and details about the safety specs. Are their warranties attached to the auto glass itself or a labor warranty if something goes wrong with the installation? Auto glass shops on the up and up will source materials from top producers and suppliers. For example, we have spent years perfecting our auto glass supplier lists and building top-notch relationships with them. 

Q: When will I be able to drive my vehicle after the repair?

You would be surprised that there are plenty of services where you’ll want to wait 24-48 hours before taking to the road again. Driving before its set could result in materials not setting up, and you end up with a windshield in your lap. Aftercare is just as important as the repair itself. Other things you’ll likely need to avoid are carwashes, hand washing your car, extreme temperature swings, or rough roads. Some repairs are ready after one hour of getting your repair done, but you should always ask prior, so you’re not stuck without a vehicle. 

We hope that has given you some ideas on questions to ask your professional auto glass shop. We invite you to ask our team these, and any others you might have any time. 

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